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500 Minutes | 500 Text | 100 MB Data (3G Only) | Verizon Network

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Product Description

The 12 plan is our light usage package for minimal cell phone users. The 12 plan offers the right amount of talking and texting for anyone looking to save on their monthly bill. Plus, you get 100 MB of data so you can do things like occasionally check your email. It’s the perfect low budget, monthly plan.

If you use services beyond the voice minutes, text/picture* messages and data included in this plan (e.g., 411 calls, roaming, international voice, international text, premium SMS, excess data), you will incur additional charges that will reduce your account balance. Therefore, it is important to have a sufficient balance on your renewal date (at least $12) in order to renew your 12 plan.

Whether you are new to Page Plus or an existing Page Plus customer on a different plan, you must purchase and load an initial the12 plan PIN onto your account to subscribe to this plan. Once the plan is active, you can replenish it monthly with additional 12 plan PINs, which can be “stacked” in advance if you choose.

Optionally, you may renew your plan with Standard plan PINs, provided you carry a sufficient amount on your plan renewal date to renew your plan. Since Standard PINs have the effect of adding a cash balance to your account when you are on an active monthly plan, you can use your cash balance to automatically renew your monthly plan; as cash for additional charged services such as voice roaming; or to add a reserve to your account for “overages.” For example, if you run out of data on your plan before your renewal date and want to use more, you can use your cash balance to continue using data at the “overage” rate of the plan. If there is a stacked monthly plan PIN and a sufficient cash balance to renew the plan, the plan will renew from the cash balance before renewing from the stacked PIN.

Page Plus Cellular and Prepay Refill are not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced cards.

This card is non-transferable and non-refundable.

The Basics

Once you complete the purchase, our automated system will attempt to refill your account. Usually this only takes 1-3 minutes. Sometimes there are account issues, or just bugs in the Page Plus renewal system that require we call into Page Plus to verify your refill. In these cases, this can take up to 15 minutes. We complete 98% of orders within 15 minutes. There are two reasons that your order could take longer to complete. Approximately 2% of all first time customers cannot be authenticated automatically through our fraud prevention system. For those who cannot, we do a manual review and this can take up to one hour. Once you have been authenticated, every other purchase will go through as normal. There is also the possibility that our system said your order went through and it just did not. The refill system is about 98% accurate, and we try to catch those that mess up, but we are humans. If your refill has not gone through after the specified time, you have several options available to you.

  1. You can log into the My Account page and click on view order. There you will be able to see your pin number that you purchased. If you wish to manually refill your account, you can do so by following the directions at the bottom of this page.
  2. You can Contact Us and just ask us what is going on. We respond to e-mail fast, usually in less than 5 minutes.


Manual Renewal Instructions

  1. Visit the Page Plus website to apply the pin number.
  2. Call Page Plus customer service and have them apply it. (877) 359-6695
  3. Replenish from your Page Plus device by dialing #737. This only works on a phone with Page Plus service.
  4. Use our Easy Page Plus Pin Loader.

Stacking Plans

Stacking a pin to your account, is putting the pin in reserve, set to be used on your next renewal date. Stacked pins automatically go into effect on your account when your current plan expires. By default, Prepay Refill will stack plans that you purchase to your account whenever possible. The following conditions must be met in order for us to stack a plan to your account:

  1. You must still have service remaining on your account.
  2. You must be purchasing a refill card of the same value, or lesser value than the card that is currently on your account.

Immediate Renewals

When an immediate renewal happens, the balance that you currently have on your account will be forfeited and the plan you are purchasing will go into effect immediately. An immediate renewal can only happen in the following situations:

  1. You are out of minutes. The plan will renew immediately.
  2. You currently have a plan, and you are purchasing a plan that is of greater value. (Going from the $29.95 to the $39.95 plan.)
  3. You ask Prepay Refill, or Page Plus Cellular, to renew your plan early.

Renewal Gap

When a plan is stacked on your account, there is sometimes a renewal gap. By default Page Plus is suppose to move your stacked plan live on your account, as soon as your current plan expires. Some users will experience a delay in this action. The reason for this is very simple. Page Plus has over 1 million users. It is impossible to switch 50,000 peoples account live at one time. This renewal gap can be between 2-3 hours, starting at midnight on your renewal date.

Compatible Plans With Your Service

Page Plus offers two types of cellular services, 3G and 4G. All plans are compatible with 3G service but some plans are not compatible with 4G service. The following plans are compatible with Page Plus 4G service.

  1. $29.95 Monthly Plan
  2. $39.95 Monthly Plan
  3. $55.00 Monthly Plan
  4. $69.95 Monthly Plan

The following cash cards (standard plans) are compatible with 4G service, but only to cover overages. They will not work as standalone Pay-As-You-Go plans.

  1. $10 Standard Plan
  2. $25 Standard Plan
  3. $50 Standard Plan
  4. $80 Standard Plan

If you order a plan that is not compatible with Page Plus 4G service, we can refund the purchase back to you, as long as the plan has not been used. There is a $0.25 restocking fee for plans that are refunded due to incompatible purchases.

Page Plus Cellular is open from 8:00 AM until 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time. Every night, once Page Plus closes, their system goes down for maintenance. This usally occurs a few minutes after midnight and last 2-3 hours. During this downtime, no actions can be performed. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Activations
  2. Ports
  3. Refills
  4. Esn Changes

If you order anything during the standard Page Plus downtime, your order will be refilled after the Page Plus system has come up again, usually around 3 AM Easten Standard time. There is absolutely nothing Prepay Refill or anyone else can do during this downtime.

Port in activations can only be processed from 8:00 AM EST until 11:30 PM EST. The porting department is closed at Page Plus after those hours. If your port has not finished, or if you order a port after hours, your port will be continued the following day.

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