How do I sign up?

It is easy. You can sign up and start earing immediately by going to Once you are signed up, you can visit this same page to manage your account.

The Terms

1.) Referral Rewards
You will earn your affiliate commission through Reward Points applicable toward your purchases at When your referred buyers come to our site through one of your links, you will receive 1% of their total purchased. The 1% is calculated off what the customer purchases, and not the retail value of the purchase.

For instance, if your referred buyer purchased a $39.95 Page Plus refill, and they got received the standard 3% discount ($38.75), you would receive 39 reward points into your account.

2.) Double Rewards
In any calendar month where you earn 1000 reward points, we will double the whole value of your referral that month.

3.) Triple Rewards
In any calendar month wereh you earn 5000 reward points, we will triple the rewards you have earned that month.

4.) Cash Rewards
If in any calander month, you earn 1000 reward points, we will not only double your rewards, but you will also have the option to receive a cash payment through a PayPal account instead of having the referral bonuses added to your reward points.

5.) Payout Schedule
All referrals are calculated on a monthly basis and paid out on the first day of the following month. For example, if in January, your total referral spend $1,500, you will earn 1,500 reward points. We will double this for you to make it 3000 reward points and pay add this to your account on Feburary 1st.


Prepay Refill reserves the right to cancel the referral program at any time, or suspend any account that is caught abusing this service. Reward points are not paid out on purchases you make for your own account. Once a buyer clicks on your referral link, that customer is locked to your account for 30 days. Any and all purchases the customer makes in a 30 day period will be credited to your account. After 30 days, in order to receive additional rewards for this buyer, they must again use your link to visit our site.
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